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Bellheart - Kyoto Wedding Photo Specialist.

Kyoto was the old capital of Japan and it is a beautiful city that has many temples and shrines perfect for your wedding photos.

The beauty of Kyoto combined with Bellheart's trusted professional service, we can give you an unforgettable wedding photo experience so you can enjoy looking back at your photos again and again.

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Why People Choose Bell Heart

Pick up to the nearest station

Pick up service

 Our staff will pick you up from the nearest station or hotel in Kyoto city.
You can come to our office without any worries.

Bell Heart is a bridal salon that arranges everything - you can rely on us!

Professional service by professionals

Bell Heart has a team of professional photographers, hair and makeup artists, and stylists.

Huge variety of options

Many options to choose from

We have a wide variety of plans! How about ride in a carriage... with a geisha?
We also have many kinds of clothing, accessory, and photography items.(View Options

Photography Plans

We have 3 basic package plans for you to choose from.
This plan is great for those who will stay at least one night in Kyoto.
You can wear both a kimono and a dress!
You can stroll around Kyoto for one entire day and take photos.

Half Day Easy Plan

Half Day Easy Plan ¥194,400

This plan works well for those visiting Kyoto on a day-trip/ Try on either a kimono or a dress!
Take pictures in a studio.

Half a day + kimono or dress +1 places

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One Day Full Plan

One Day Full Plan ¥378,000

This plan works well for those visiting Kyoto on a day-trip/ Try on either a kimono or a dress!
Take pictures and experience Kyoto for half a day.

1 day + kimono and dress +2 places

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Photography Options

Free Options

Art bouquet and boutonniere rental

Art bouquet and boutonniere rental


Tiara rental

Tiara rental



Necklace and earring rental


Veil rental

Veil rental


Japanese accessory rental

Japanese accessory rental


Photography goods rental

Photography goods rental



Paid Options




Change hairstyle to wig
Silk headdress (worn on top of wig), tsunokakushi (white cloth decoration when wearing wig)

Balloon (photography accessory)

Balloon (photography accessory)


Photos using a balloon



18,150yen(15 min ride)




Photography Day Schedule

1.Pick up

Pick up

We will pick you up for either your hotel (in Kyoto City) or Kyoto Station.We will interpret for you, so please do not worry.

2.Visit shop

Visit shop

Our salon is located in central Kyoto, Karasuma. We're on the 3rd storey of a building facing the main road.After the elevator doors opens to our studio, you will see a western looking room decorated with a chandelier.



We will confirm the details of your photography session and ask if you have any poses that you would like to try.Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests to change the type of plan or very specific shooting location requests.

4.Choose outfits

Choose outfits

You will choose your outfit. We will arrange outfits based on your preferences we asked you over email.

5.Hair, makeup, and kimono dressing

Hair, makeup, and kimono dressing

A professional will do your hair and makeup so that it perfectly complements your outfit.Please come to the shoot wearing no makeup.

6.Departure to location

Departure to location

Four of our staff (including an interpreter) will go with you to the location via taxi.

7.Start shoot

Now is the shoot! Our team will get you excited!

Start shoot



Shoot complete. We will return to the salon via taxi.

9.Change clothes

Change clothes

Change into your everyday clothes. We will adjust your makeup so that it matches your clothes.


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How is the payment made? When is it due?
Payment is via credit card or cash payment on the photography session day.
When is the photography data delivered? In what form?
The data will be sent through email within 4 weeks after the shooting date.
How long does the photography session take?
One Day Full Plan→10 hours
Half Day Easy Plan→5 1/2 hours
Can I try on the clothes when I choose my outfit?
You can try on dresses and tuxedos, however, due to time constraints, we limit this to two outfits.
It is not possible to try on a kimono, but you may put it on over your shoulders and see how it looks.
Where will you come to pick me up at? Can I choose a different pick up and drop off location?
We can pick you up at your hotel (in Kyoto City) or at Kyoto Station.
We can choose the meeting location based on your preferences after a booking is made.
You may select a different pick up and drop off location.
Please let us know if a different location would work better for you (we cannot accommodate locations without parking space).
What languages do you speak?
We can help you in English and Chinese.
What happens if it rains on the day of the shooting?
If it rains on the day of shooting, we will not charge cancellation fee.
We will ask you if you would like to reschedule the shooting.
For those planning to take pictures in a kimono, it is also possible to switch to the short plan taking pictures inside the studio.
Is there anything I should bring to the shooting?
For those choosing a dress and tuxedo, please bring tights, socks, and undershirt for men (to be worn under dress shirt)

We will decide the sock color after the outfits are chosen.
Do you offer photography sessions for one person?
Yes. We also offer groups of three or more (of any gender).
Please inquire about the price.

Shop Details

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Address 〒604-8162 629-1 Shichikannon-cho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8162, Japan 5 min walk from Karasuma Station (Hankyu Line) 5 min walk from Karasuma Oike Station (Kyoto Subway)
Phone 075-231-4955 Japan standard time 10:00-18:00 Services available in English and Chinese
Closed Mondays (when Monday is a national holiday, the following Tuesday is closed

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The time schedule

One Day Full Plan

8:00Meeting and choose outfits
9:00Hair, makeup, and kimono dressing
11:00Start shooting
13:00Lunch break
14:00Change outfit
15:30Start shooting
17:30Change clothes

Half Day Plan

Morning start

8:00Meeting and choose outfits
9:00Hair, makeup, and kimono dressing
11:00Start shooting
13:00Change clothes

Afternoon start

12:30Meeting and choose outfits
13:30Hair, makeup, and kimono dressing
15:30Start shooting
17:30Change clothes
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