Gift Campaign
Body treatments or Kyoto kaiseki dinner

Every month two sets like to in the lottery!
We give out prizes to get body treatments at Kyomachiya (60 mins) and seasonal Kyoto kaiseki dinner (for 2 people)
※Beauty treatments women only,Men Head Spa (60 mins)

Body treatments
You can choose 1 out of the following 4 courses
Focused hip and shoulder treatment and care 60 mins
(Recommended for those with hip and muscle pain and stiff muscles)
Head treatment and care 60 mins
(Recommended to those who experience frequent migraines, eye strain, and to those concerned about their face line)
Focused abdomen treatment and care 60 mins
(Recommended to those with constipation, low body temperature, and those who want a flatter stomach)
Focused leg treatment and care 60 mins
(Recommended to those who have swollen legs, cold feet, sore muscles, muscle cramping,
and to those who want to reduce cellulite)


Kyoto kaiseki dinner
Experience the flavors of the four seasons at Minokichi, Karasuma Shijo location, conveniently located near central Karasuma
Please enjoy it to your heart's content


Do the lottery in 15 days and the last day of each month
The winner will contact you by e-mail in a few days
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