• Bride kimono & Groom kimono Bridal&Groom Costume 1 pattern
  • Studio Photo Short Plan We recommend this plan to couples who want to take anniversary pictures in a kimono but do not have that much time. It’s easy to fit into your schedule, and you can also take pictures with friends! 3.5 hours + kimono only + indoor studio
  • Shooting location
  • Dressing,hair and makeup
  • All shooting data DVD (15shot〜)
  • Pick-up to the nearest station
Short Plan
¥110,000(tax included)

Kimono(Siromuku or Irouchikake or Hikifurisode)

※Bringing small OK to be used for accessories and shooting

The time schedule

9:00Meeting and choose outfits
10:00Hair and makeup
11:30Start shooting\
12:00Change clothes

How to Make a Reservation

1.Apply with the reservation form
2.We receive your request and send a confirmation email (within 4 business days).
We will ask you what area you would like to shoot the pictures in, if you would like any additional options, what clothes you would like to wear, your clothing size, and where we will pick you up.
*We will likely need to email you a few times until all details are confirmed.
3.Reservation confirmed approximately two weeks in advance
4.Please leave everything else to us.
5.Payment is made in cash or by credit card. (We accept: UC/VISA/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/DINERS/China Union Pay)UC/MASTER/JCB/AMEX/DINERS/銀聯

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Please Note

*Flight and accommodation not included.
*Cancellations and requests for changes in plan, area, and date/time of shooting accepted until 1 week in advance.
*Cancellations made less than one week in advance will be charged a cancellation fee. For cancellations at least 2 days prior 50% is charged. For same day cancellations, the full fee is charged.
*For those choosing a dress and tuxedo, please bring tights, socks, and an undershirt for men.
*There many be different amounts of outfits to choose from depending on size.
*Specific hair style requests are not allowed. You may choose a hair style out of several prearranged choices.
*We may not be able to accept all hair and makeup requests.
*Please bring your own fake eyelashes or hair extensions if you would like to use them.
*For the one day, half day, and ceremony plans, we will provide you with the data for photos edited for color and light. For the short course, we will give you the unedited photo data.

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